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Race: Lycanthrope (Lycans)

History of Race: Lycanthropes encompass any humanoid that can change forms to any 1 creature not humanoid. Lycanthropes are humanoids who were bit by another lycanthrope. They are like vampires where as they live "forever" and stop aging. They are known to eat flesh. As in vampires, the older they get the stronger they get.
Lycanthrope packs are very much like the mafia in their inner workings in that the Alpha is generally highly respected and the pack usually holds inter-pack honor. The pack, generally, will not try to destroy the Alpha.

MUST BE Canine or Feline! And must be large WILD breed (no house pets, we have one were poodle and that’s the only one we will have, period, no exceptions)

YOUNG~ Young lycanthropes are called the young of their species (i.e., kitten, cub, peep, etc). Young lycanthropes are those who are less than 20 lycanthrope years.
WERES~ Were’s are the most common Lycanthrope. They are any age ranging from 20-50 lycanthrope years.
ALPHA~ An Alpha Lycanthrope is the leader of the pack and the strongest. Alpha's can be challenged for their position by another Alpha. Once a lycanthrope is 51 or older in lycanthrope years they have a much better chance of attaining Alpha status. Another way to become an alpha is for the lycan to leave to pack to start his/her own.
ELDER~ An Elder were is generally a loner lycan. They don't belong to any one pack as they are much more respected than Alphas. Even the Alphas bow to an Elder. In order to be an Elder two things MUST be present #1. The lycan must be an Alpha for at least 20 straight (no lost challenges) and #2. The lycan must be at least 4,500 years old. PLEASE NOTE: Only Board Members can play Elders and only 2 Elders are allowed at this time.


Given at changing

Full Moon

Resistant to disease and illnesses (they can still be inflicted, however they won't kill and they last half the time as in "normal" humanoid the writer chooses for the humanoid form)

Heightened taste

6 months

Ability to see and sense spirits

Heightened instincts

1 yr

Heightened hearing,

2 yr

Heightened scent,

3 yr

Extraordinary reflexes

4 yr


5 yr

Rapid healing (NOTE: Also a weakness!!)

10 yr

Extraordinary strength

20 yr

Bipedal form

50 yr

Claw Attack

Bite Attack

100 yr

Rage Attack

Extraordinary tracking

These weaknesses are given in all lycanthropes
Sunlight (in "were" form)
Holy Symbols (as a deterrent)
Talismans (must be specifically made to ward of a specific lycanthrope species...i.e., a talisman made to ward off a werewolf will not work on a weretiger. It MUST be listed in the talisman user's bio)

Methods of destroying:
Silver in any and all forms
Killed by another lycanthrope of the same species (i.e., a weretiger can only be killed by a weretiger) while in "were" form
Holy Symbols made specifically for destroying

Methods of turning into "were" form:
Full Moon
At will
Heightened adrenaline levels (includes fear, excitement, AND extreme anxiety)
Being separated from talisman (Can have a talisman to prevent changing into lycanthrope form. If separated from talisman, the character begins to change immediately. Talisman and distance from talisman for character to change MUST be in the bio. No distance over 1 mile will be accepted.)

Details and Attitudes: Details and Attitudes: Lycans are more instinct oriented. They are more animalistic and basic in all forms. This isn't to say they aren't smart. This is only referring to their attitudes. As funny as it sounds, they have more of a desire to chase cars or any other fast moving object (most lycans have learned how to control this), they ALL have short attention spans and can get hyper at the drop of a hat (it's the little things that amuse them...lol). Werecanines and werefelines don't get along. Werecanines also may have a desire to chase werefelines up trees. Werecanines are in tune with the "other plane", but don't have as strong of a connection as werefelines. They can see the "other plane", but not as clearly as werefelines. Werefelines like to play a lot, strings, balls, pretty much anything. Werefelines also tend to be a bit snooty. They also have a tendency to go "spaztic" and the drop of a hat. Werefelines tend to be more in touch with the "other plane" and can see things that most humanoids can't. Even those humanoids that can see the "other plane" can't see them as clearly as werefelines. Both tend to have a strong desire to hunt

Creator's notes and restrictions for race:

NOTE ON RAPID/EXTRAORDINARY HEALING~ This is, literally, what it says. "Faster than normal healing." If your lycan's arm is broken as a 90 degree angle, IT WILL HEAL THAT WAY. They will need to get their bones set in order to heal right. They will also display the same evidence as humans when they break a bone.

May NOT turn a child. No such thing as a natural born Were. May only be humanoid and Elvish (can have other sub races)

It is not unheard of (but very rare) for a young or were lycanthrope to be an Alpha. This only happens three ways:
#1. If the lycanthrope acquires "his own" following. Example: 30 year old (lycanthrope years) were travels and gathers several younger lycanthropes who "follow" him. He is the Alpha of that pack. Unless his "throne" is taken over by an older lycanthrope.
#2. Inheriting Alpha title. Example: An Alpha dies and names a 30 year old were as Alpha. In this instance, if the deceased Alpha is highly respected and there are no "rogue" lycanthropes in the pack, the Alpha-Were will most likely keep his position.
#3. Each province is allowed 1 Alpha of each species (werewolf, weretiger, etc.) unless challenging or visiting. A challenge MUST be initiated within 1 week RT. If this is not done, the character will be banished to another province. ALL challenges MUST be discussed between writers.


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