Calli Approves

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Date: 12/06/02
Creator's Name: Callista
Race: Celestials/Angels
History: Angels, the first creations, are beings of light and love. They are fighters for good and even though may appear "gentle" are a force to be reckoned with when crossed. They usually do not mate and very very seldom will create a child (when they do the child is at half strength and can be light or dark). When they do find a life partner, it can be a bit chaotic, due to the Angels "duties", but it is for life.

Shape shift
(choose one:) project fire, shards of ice, or lightning from fingers
Cause visions (Cause others who have the abiltiy to have visions (psychic))
the ability to bless and grant limited immortality(greater only)
ability to control dreamscapes
Exceptional Strength and speed
charm(with writer permission)
invisibility 3x/day
Collect true light energy from Nature to sustain themselves
Light Magick
holy weapon unique to the creature(MUST be stated in bio-can only be used with writer permission)
The ability to give a peaceful sensation to all encountered (love, peace, joy)
Psychic ability (Choose 4 (board members get all)- Telepathy, Precognition[futuresight], Speak with the dead/spirits, Influence emotions (positive only), Read emotions, Control normal animals, Clairvoyance, Psychic Defense
Angels have certain effects that give away their true natures(choose three): These dead give aways are ONLY recognized by those who would know what a angel is (a True Empath, A STRONG Psychic that is VERY TRAINED in their gifts, Abyssnals, other angels, Priests) (all apply)
plant life flourishes as you pass
pleasant smell (cookies, caramel, etc)
Children are attracted to you
sound of music when pleased
surrounded by a blue electric light when angered (Seraphim only)
Eyes that glow light blue
wings (All angels must have this one, however they can be small or be able to be "hidden" for short times)
A golden glow of light that seems to just be there
ALL angels cause Empaths to get rejuvenate from their concentration of good energies. (varies depending upon the age of the Empath)
Dewinging (Wings being removed)
Cursed Weapons
extreme physical damage(explosions, dismemberment)
Turning to the dark side (pride)
ALL Angels can be Summoned as per various rituals, but it must be for good purposes only, holy or protection.
Details and Attitudes: All angels are focused on bringing love, light and holiness to creation.
Misc. Details: Demons and Celestials can sense each other up to 100 feet away, by feeling each other's psychic fingerprint.
Creator's Notes: Demons and Celestials are currently in a state of shaky truce after millenia of fighting and the near obliteration of Earth's sentient races. They occassionally fight to keep the cosmos in balance.
An Angel that becomes a fallen angel (or falls from the light) will lose 1/2 of their strengths. They also will be limited to a certain "area" or plane or existence. (Please consult a Board Member if you choose to make a Fallen Angel)
Race restrictions: The only ArchAngels allowed are played by Calli and Josh. Total angels per province are 3. 


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