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Your Preferred Name: Calli
Today's  Date: August 8, 2005
Character's Name: Tanafriti Shemei Khenemetaset , in true Egyptian fashion she was given three names. Her first name is a family name passed down for generations and means "She of the beautiful land", her second name is the name she is called and it means "Desire" (it is pronounced She May), her last name means "Joined with Isis" and is fitting bcz it represents that she is the reincarnation of Isis, She goes by Shemei (originally her second name was Miw-sher (meaning kitten) but as she grew she was able to change her name to fit her person.
Race: Human
Subrace #1:Vampire
Subrace #2:
Desired Address (please refer to the maps  of  Eldhin): 20 Pembroke Avenue
Date  and Place of  Birth: Egypt, She was born the year of 300 BC and was changed at the age of 18, the same age that later Cleopatra, took the throne she is 2323 years old.
Attitude: Regal ,most times comes across as a bitch Most times it would appear she has no sense of humor.
Occupation/Skills: She is a business Mogul, Bank owner, Museum Operator and much much more. She is very wealthy.
Fears or Phobias: Commitment and being alone (quite a paradox) and Dust storms
Character Description
Weight:115 lbs
Eyes:deep brown
Hair:straight, blue/black hair, it is blunt cut at just below her shoulders (bra level).
Family:Sibuna, she is his Sire and His wife
Physical Description: She is absolutely stunning. She is Egyptian, very tanned skin. She reminds one of a cat with how svelte. Her body is firm but lean, like a Siamese cat. She wears only the most glamorous of clothing, her tastes run expensive. If she is wearing it, you can bet its one of a kind and very very expensive. She eats only the best of foods and feeds only off of the "good" side of the track. She oozes desire, thus her name. Her makeup is very Egyptian. She is the reincarnation of the Goddess Isis, she is psychic by birth
Strengths  and  Weaknesses:
Extraordinary strength
Extraordinary speed
Extraordinary hearing
Extraordinary scent
Extraordinary reflexes
Telepathy (this is not a psychic ability)
Telekinesis (this is not a psychic ability)
Increased Agility
Controlling natural elements
Can see in the dark
Improved Tracking
Increased Stamina
Controlling mammals
Rapid Healing
Improved Stealth
Damage resistance
Improved Cloaking
Self healing (all but limbs)
Wall climbing
Shift to Dust
Shape shifting
Leathery Wings (Can be hidden)
Obfuscation (clouding someone’s mind)
Self healing or regenerate limbs
Beheading (as far as being the only way to ensure death)
Removing/Destroying heart (as far as being the only way to ensure death)

Shemei was born to a very poor family in Egypt, during a time when you were killed for stealing a piece of molded bread. She had 8 younger brothers and sisters and 6 older. She was the "7th daughter of a 7th daughter" and thus it was known she was special. When a small birthmark was found on her at birth, they knew she was the reincarnation of the Goddess Isis. This did not change her station in life however, and many times she would go to bed hearing her brothers and sisters crying from hunger. Many times she would wake to find a sister or a brother had "wandered" off (been sold into slavery) in order to get some gold or food. When she reached an age of consent (in that time, this was at when she had her first womanly time and she was an early bloomer and had this at the age of 9) she was expected to "make a living" and help support her family. She learned that if she hid away and came back after dark, many times her father would be drunk and passed out. Most weeks, all she had to eat was a spoonful of beans, usually infested with maggots. (This was one spoon ful per week, not per day) so she learned to find ways to get what she wanted and needed. She learned early that if she wanted something she had to do whatever it took, to get it, and to this day she still does this...she wont kill for it, but she will do almost anything else besides kill. her father was the "typical" Egyptian father...the boys were treasures, the girls a burden. becz no one offered for her hand she became more and more an issue for anger from her father and he began to beat her several times a day rather than once per day as had been the custom from the day she could walk. When she was 18 she had been sent out to "work" and met a man by the name of Amahte' who took her to a room to give her some "work". As she was lifting her dress over her head and the tears streamed down her face, he came up behind her and with a soft kiss to her neck, made her into what she is today. His whispered words of "I bestow this gift upon you to take you from the hell you live in" shocked her. She stayed with him to become trained, every time she found herself close to anyone, she would push them away. And soon she met a young man by the name of Sibuna...and she found herself drawn to him like no others...she Sired him, and when she found her heart becoming attached, she sent him away, to find his own path. She has always kept a mind link with him, knowing she loves him more than anyone she's ever met before or since, but she couldn't make a path with him then. She has come to Eldhin to reclaim her place in his life...as his Sire, as his mate and more ....if she chooses.


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