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You step off the ferry and take in your surroundings. You slept most of the way here, so you didn't notice the ferry traveled through a thick fog. Something tells you very few people go back through the fog. Something else tells you that you are finally home. Finally at a place where there isn't any prejudices or judgements. You are finally accepted.
You notice others milling around, possibly looking for loved ones, or transportation to homes. Some of them may be waiting for someone to come off the ferry behind you. You quickly stand to the side and adjust the bag on your shoulder. You had your things shipped here, they are most likely waiting for you at the house.
You find a cab that doesn't look to used and read off the address to the cabbie. His eyes glow yellow and he smiles a toothy grin. "Of course." He says in a gritty voice. You smile and give a content sigh as you lean back, resting against the back of the seat. You let your eyes wander to the window and you watch the scenery pass by. Everything looks the same as it did where you originally come from. You didn't know what you expected it to look like, but it looks very modern. You shake your head and think to yourself about how the fog wasn't a time warp. It was just fog. Right?" You shrug as the cabbie pulls to a stop in front of your new home. He smiles at you. "Fare's paid for. Enjoy." He nods and drives off, leaving you to approach your new home.
Welcome to Eldhin....

Welcome to Eldhin. This is a fictional world where those who enjoy the aspect of role play come to act out their dreams. The following pages of this site act as an information guide. This site will take you through the world and laws that those who wish to participate must abide by. This is a companion site to the forum of the same name. The group is the main "play area" and the site is your virtual "map".

Here's how it works. Once you join the group, you can begin creating your character or you can just lurk to see how it works. You can create any type of character as long as it is not invincible...like a God. There are other rules that are explained on the other pages. Then you just write as though you are your character. The rest of this site is read like a tour guide and should be used as such. You will need to bookmark this site for future reference as new things will be added. 



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